Play At Home 3  featuring JULIAN HESSE ⎮ Gesture (by Gustavo Strauß)

Timescaper 2020

2020 : Timescaper explores the concept of journeying individual and the freedom and perils of forging and shaping one’s own path: If the time-scaper is found to be in a constant struggle for control over time, they are also in a play of sounds, a ‘time-escaper’, stretching and extending themselves against and away from time, adding another layer of meaning to express the trope of time as destiny, and one’s struggles in making the most of one’s life as attempts of escaping time/destiny.

Music is at the forefront here, it is sound, feeling, picture, a vessel, a time machine – the timescaper at the helm. Visuls as its complement envelops the audience and yet serving as a distancing and clarifying element to an immersive performance.

A Toccata Studio Production
Composer/Artistic Director/ Concept / Visuals : Ng Chor Guan
Performers: The Paranormal String Quartet (Germany) – Felix Key Weber (Violin), Gustavo Strauss (Violin), Katherine Barritt (Viola), Jakob Roters (Cello) & Ng Chor Guan (Theremin & Electronics)
Text Collaborator: Teo Wey Herng
Visual Collaborator : Alphonse Chern
Costume Designer : Poissons D’or
Archival Videographer : Androine T.
Creative Producer: Tan E-Jan

Produced by Toccata Studio (Malaysia)

Strategic Partner : Cendana
Co Presented by Komunitas Salihara
The residency and studio recordings of THE PARANORMAL STRING QUARTET in Kuala Lumpur were supported by the Goethe-Institut Malaysia
Creative development residency supported by Rimbun Dahan
Special Thanks to Khind Starfish Foundation


The Trailer


Here is our second homeoffice session featuring Felix Key Weber


Since we should not meet we tried a new composition this way: 4 cellphones, sheet music and one tempo. this is the result.


LOVEMEN – Deeper feat. Paranormal String Quartet




Yuf Ocko – Trailer (excerpts from a composition by Gustavo Strauss)

This video is based on snippets of an original composition by Gustavo Strauß called: „Yuf Ocko“. Written for and performed by the „PARANORMAL STRING QUARTET“.

Video: Karsten Hinrichs
Assistant: Reisa Hinrichs
Recording: Johannes Saal
Mixing: Enik


JORIS x Lary – Du (Songpoeten Session) feat. Paranormal String Quartet

Wir haben mit dem wunderbaren JORIS und der Künstlerin LARY zusammen exklusiv für die Songpoeten seinen Song „Du“ in einer Songpoeten Session als Akustikversion aufgenommen. Ein großer Spaß!

String Arrangement: Gustavo Strauß

Die Session wurde im Bamberger Haus im Luitpoldpark in München aufgezeichnet (

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27.02.2019 – We are working on our first album, that we recorded at the fantastic Pinkmoon studios in the south of france.


What an inspiring view!

24.12.2018 – „Have yourself a merry little christmas“ (arrangement by Gustavo Strauss/Katherine Barritt)

03.12.2018 – We are in Kuala Lumpur!

Timescaper – Ng Chor Guan with The Paranormal String QuartetPARANORMAL features a showcase of repertoire pieces by Paranormal String Quartet from Germany and selected preview pieces of Toccata Studio’s original creation, 2020: Timescaper, which explores the freedom and perils of forging and shaping one’s own path.


Timescaper 2020


And another 10 days… we had to add an astonishing recording and performing experience in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with composer and musician Ng Chor Guan in the Starmount Studios, thanks to a collaboration between the Toccata Studio and The Goethe Institut Malaysia!

– #Jakob/Rufus
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